Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced new 76mm front aluminum CVA bone set for the Team Associated B64 and 12mm pistons for TLR, Yokomo and Kyosho shocks. First up is the 76mm front aluminum CVA bone set. The two piece bones utilize a lightweight aluminum pin drive shaft mated to proven MIP steel CVA yokes. They are intended for B64 racers that want to shed some weight in the drivetrain for 13.5 and 17.5 racing only. The 76mm front aluminum CVA bones are available as pair and come with 2 black o-rings to limit uptravel and prevent damage to the parts.

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  • Rotating weight savings. 7.5 grams vs 11 grams for steel kit units.
  • Rebuildable 2 piece design, change either the aluminum bones or steel CVA yokes.
  • Pre-assembled with blue thread lock.
  • 76mm direct fit on B64 front.
  • Works for 17.5 or 13.5 motors.
  • Fits B64 or B64D.

Next up are the 12mm pistons for TLR, Yokomo and Kyosho shocks. Shock pistons with split hole sizes achieve a new damping progression unlike a traditional piston. For the case of the 3+1 pistons, the added +1 small 1mm hole gives the shock lighter initial damping to prevent wheel hop, and to prevent the shock from binding up after huge landings. A package includes two CNC machined pistons and each pair comes with the shock piston Tunning Guide. The Tuning Guide explains the handling characteristics of each piston going from the lowest damping (low resistance) to highest damping.