This past weekend was held the US Open race at Sun City Raceway in El Paso, Texas. Joey from THE DIRT put in a great layout for the event and it was a lot of fun to drive on. It flowed really well and still worked when the track started to build some character. The dirt that they had at the track was also pretty awesome, very loamy such as RC Tracks of Las Vegas when they ran the track wet, a real off-road type of track. After three rounds of qualifying XRAY driver Tanner Stees was able to TQ in E-buggy and nitro buggy classes. Sunday was the 10-minute A-main for E-buggy as well as a 30-minute semi and then a 60-minute final for nitro buggy.

In the main of E-buggy after a clean start Tanner pulled away until he had a small mistake and got caught up with some traffic which allowed for 2nd to catch back up and have a good battle going once again. For pretty much the rest of the race he had a good battle going until the other driver made a small bobble which allowed Tanner to get a big enough gap till the race was over and allowed him to take the overall victory from two Tekno drivers, Billy Fischer in second and Corbyn Showers in third.

During the 60-minute nitro buggy final Tanner had some issues and had a couple of flameouts which pretty much put him out of contention to win. Nevertheless, Tanner was able to still able to get a 3rd place finish overall and get on the podium. Tekno’s Billy Fischer itook the win from Mugen’s Casey Peck in second.