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This past week end was held the Toys for Tots race at Thunder Alley RC Raceway in Beaumont, California. The track has a lot of elevation change, big jumps, and a bumpy curved sweeper of a straight. The track is run wet, and during the day it dries a bit during some of the heats. The surface is soft when wet, and a bit loamy, so it gets really bumpy. The bumps at this race were really sharp and edgy, and cars were bouncing around.

Cody King TQed with his Serpent from HB Racing’s Colin Herzig in 2nd, and JQ’s Joseph Quagraine in 3rd. In the main the start was crazy intense. There was a lot of crashing, awesome passing, and some aggressive paint rubbing. After the first few laps of ups and downs Joseph ended up in about 7th place, and set about catching the leaders. At about the halfway point he caught and passed King, who later had some problems and dropped back, as Herzig continued to lead. With about 6 minutes to go Joseph caught and passed Herzig too, and managed to win the main. TLR driver Don Vinkemulder rounded out the top 3.

JQ’s bumpy track setup here.