Team Associated have introduced the Reedy Sonic 866 and 877 brushless motors for 1/8 E-Buggy and E-Truggy. Several months of development by Reedy’s engineering staff and factory team drivers has resulted in motors that deliver performance that exceeds what is required at the highest level of competition.

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The Sonic 866, available in 1900kV and 2100kV versions, is designed for 1/8 E-Buggy while its slightly longer brother, the Sonic 877, available in 2000kV only, is intended for 1/8 E-Truggy duty. However, motors are interchangeable between chassis types to create a wide range of performance options suitable for a wide variety of track conditions.

All versions feature a precision machined case with an integrated heat sink to lower operating temperatures. This results in less fade over the course of a race, longer run times, and increased motor life. Sensored operation results in a smooth and controllable power band, while a powerful 4-pole rotor is supported by precision ball bearings for maximum power output and reliability.


  • Heavy-duty CNC-machined can
  • Integrated heat sink
  • Dual precision ball bearings
  • High-torque 4-pole rotor
  • Heavy-duty solder tabs
  • 5mm shaft
  • Competition proven
  • 200mm sensor wire
  • Built to R.O.A.R. specs