AVID have introduced a carbon fibre front top deck for the Team Associated B64/D and carbon fiber shock towers for the Team Associated B6. First up is the front top deck. It is made from 2.5mm thick carbon fiber and it is a direct fit without any modifications. This top deck replaces the molded brace and instead of connecting to the servo mount it extends to the center diff mount for more rigidity in the front end. This removes the springing action from the chassis which allows for the tires to stay in contact with the surface more consistently. The carbon fibre front top deck comes with two M3x8 and two M3x10 SS button head screws.


Next up are the carbon fiber shock towers for B6 and B6D. They are cut from 4.5mm thick carbon fiber, designed for strength and use the same location as the stock geometry. To make these towers nearly indestructible, AVID thickened them to 4.5mm and added material, pocketing, and bracing to the weak areas. Currently, AVID are offering them in both the” Gullwing” and “Flat” front and “Long” rear configuration since that is the most popular on dirt tracks.