The final round of the RC Land 23 Series was held in Matsusaka, Japan last weekend. Only 22 drivers attended the race but 2000 IFMAR World Champion Yuichi Kanai and 3 times Japanese national champion Kazuya Tanaka participated so it was like another Japanese nationals. In qualifying, Kyosho’s Wataru Takashiro took the TQ and also the best lap from Kyosho’s Yuichi Kanai and another Kyosho driver Itaru Kawamoto. Before the Main Final, little rain came but without disturbing the running of the final. The final saw Takashiro lead right from the start and he never looked back. In the middle of the final, Yuichi Kanai and his team mate Kazuya Tanaka fought hard for the second position but Tanaka suffered a flame out. Kanai in second and Mugen’s Daisuke Endo in third rounded out the top 3.

Thanks to Wataru Takashiro & AT for the report.