See: Schelle Racing Innovations

Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced new Extreme shock tower set and front wing mount for the Team Associated B64 and B64D. First up are the Extreme shock towers are made in 4.0mm carbon fiber for stiffness and durability and Schelle removed un-necessary outer holes for less leverage to break. In the front, the upper link options match the kit settings but Schelle offers screw-on wing mount holes for the optionnal front wing mount. The front wing is a great addition in high traction when using the less-agressive kit B64 body. Testing has found that the JConcepts F2 body does not require a front wing, but the kit body will definitely benefit from it.

In the rear, racers get a more durable tower, with new upper link options that improve handling. The kit outer row of holes are shifted 2.5mm towards the centerline, which lengthens the link and improves cornering balance. Rear tower features 4 option upper link heights, including a new 4th lower option for more steering or when using the diff shim while the inboard row of holes are shifted 2mm and only marked with a drill dimple, as they will be rarely used except for extreme traction conditions.

Next up is the 3-D Printed front tower wing mount. Sold separately, it comes with M3x10 BH mount screw and M3x4 BH wing screw included (2 each).