A few hours ago Rc Tracks of Las Vegas owner David Taliaferro and then Rc Tracks of Las Vegas co-owner Chris Tocco have published a sad news: the track is closed … definitely. The news is a huge surprise especially after the success of the 2016 IFMAR Worlds and events such as the Silver State and Kyosho Marters over a period of only 3 years which foreshadowed years to follow even more successful. We will not forget the time spent last year in Vegas, nor the crew who welcomed us for a World which now even more special. The closure would follow the sale of the sports center for the construction of a water park and a hotel.

David Taliaferro statement:

“Hello from RC Tracks. Unfortunately RC Tracks has been given a 90 days’ notice to vacate the Sport Center. The Sport Center is being sold and an extreme water park and hotel SUPPOSEDLY is up next. It has been a wild ride but nothing lasts forever…or in this case the RUG IS PULLED OUT FROM UNDER US IN 3 YEARS…brutal. Talked to our Attorneys, talked to the Sport Center owner who’s family are all Harvard educated lawyers lol, and the ride is over for RC Tracks at the Sport Center. Too many folks to Thank but if you ever lent a hand or donated time and or helped with track facility improvements or ever contributed in a positive way to the track, a HUGE THANK YOU, much appreciated!!!.

To all the local racers its been a blast and we will see ya’ll at the next track, hopefully RC Tracks made you proud to call it your home track… A Big Thanks to my wife Michele for letting me fund this operation and put another big time commitment on our plate. To my right hand man Troy Krentzel, everyone owes a pat on the back because without this mans tireless commitment, heart n soul blood and sweat left out on the track for ALL YA’LL TO ENJOY AND HAVE FUN RACING TOY CARS, RC Tracks would have never survived. My boy Troy, MUCH LOVE AND THANK YOU SIR! To all the haters and negative miserable folks that have bitched and complained about racing toy cars due to “whatever the fuck” you chose to bitch about, BYE! We have had a blast for the most part through many ups and downs of operating this facility and have learned a great deal about this RC Industry. I will never forget the smiles on the kids faces running around RC Tracks and having fun, that alone makes this journey well worth the ride! Thanks folks, MUCH LOVE, Tally out!”

Chris Tocco statement:

“Now that it has became public knowledge that the track is closing is like to clear the air and put some thing I’ve heard to rest. Please read this in its entirety: As all of you know I was the face and co-owner of the track. I can only speak for myself and will not speak for anyone else. I started this venture by myself in December 2013. A lot changed in the coming months after the Vegas RC community started hearing rumblings that an outdoor Nitro facility was possibly being built. I had a few meetings with some unsolicited interested partners and finally came to an agreement with one. Then real work began around February 2014. Throughout the permit process, build out and overall vision A LOT of time and money was spent. We finally finished all the headaches and had our grand opening November 2014. Soon after I along with the great people at Kyosho brought the Kyosho Master to the USA for the first time less than a month after opening the doors. Then we revitalized the declining Silver State race a few months later. It was the largest Nevada had ever seen! Rc Tracks was on the map!!! Then October 2016 the IFMAR World Championship came to Vegas! It was the largest entry count and most spectated ever in the history of the world championship event! I will take a lot of credit for this race. I put a ton of pressure on my shoulders to bid and win this race despite the doubters (including my then partner) telling me.

I would not win the bid. The worlds came and went was a HUGE success and we raised the bar for future worlds. In my eyes and it was a huge hit with the fans and racers! Over the course of the three years I never had a salary nor a regular paycheck. However all the staff including the “manager” was paid weekly. The staff and track bills came first as do all business. As year after year went I maintained a 100% effort despite the fact that my personal savings and finances were taking a hit. I was ALL IN and had no other business bringing in money to supplement my income. After my commitment with worlds was over I made it clear that I could not continue with all the responsibilities I had with the track (Accounting, stocking the shop, sponsors, big races, track builds, managing/hiring/firing employees, overall facility upkeep etc..) on top of having a family to provide for. I had no time to even go get a part time job as the track took all my time and I was putting my family second for too long. Over the course of the next five months I made sure that those that were going to take over my responsibilities had all the tools and knowledge that they needed to keep the track running successfully. (Passwords, vendor accounts, a complete opening/mid day/ and closing manual I had written, ALL my industry contacts and their personal phone numbers and emails, etc.) After the 2017 SilverState I put in my resignation. I thought we had an amicable split as we shook hands. I later learned that was not the case as I was served court papers at my front door that the track was is suing me for breach of contract and abandonment. That’s fine as I have nothing left to give and the lawsuit will prove frivolous.

The coming months I put my blinders on and was hard at work rebuilding my savings and finally spending time with my family. We have had a lot of changes and opportunities that were presented to us and jumped on them! Relocating to another state and tackling a whole new challenge.

Overall I am grateful for all the people I worked with. The kids that I saw smile. The champions that were crowned. The people that bought their first RC car at our hobby shop. The relationships that were built. The companies and partners I got to build relationships with. The customers that got to meet my family, see my son be born and take some of his first steps at the track. I am even grateful for the headaches and haters as they taught me valuable lessons and some of them became friends of mine despite the disagreements. I cannot end this with out thanking my wife. She was constantly put on the back burner and had a lot on her shoulders. She was and still is my ear to vent to, my support, my partner, my everything! I would not have made it through all this without her. So Vegas and the world wide RC community I thank you for the three years you were in my life and hope to see you all at the track someday soon!”