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Raceform have introduced a electronic tray and polycarbonate shock towers for the Tekno EB410. First up is the electronic tray. Precisely machined and laser etched with a Raceform logo, the tray has enough area to hold the transponder, receiver, speed controller and capacitor. No modification is needed to fit the tray and only 4 screws in total including motor mount is needed to remove full electronics section.

The electronic tray weighs 25 grams with cover and screws and consists of the transponder area measuring 31mm x17mm, the receiver area measuring 24mm x 37mm x 28mm height and the speed controller area mesuring 41mm x 53mm. The layout of the tray is designed to put the transponder at the far most possible in the front. The electronic tray comes in two versions, the first version sports the Raceform logo on top side of cover while in the second version you can custom the tray with your name laser etched.

Next up are the rear and front polycarbonate shock towers. Precisely machined from 6mm High Impact clear polycarbonate (Lexan), this race proven materiel is designed to offer a calculated flex to save gear boxes and shock standoffs. These polycarbonate shock towers will not bend from crashing, they will flex and return to their position. Comes in set of 3pcs with the front tower (9grams), rear standard (15grams) and rear -2mm tower (14grams).