Quite rare E-buggy semifinals were held at the World Indoor Buggy Cup 2k17. They will last 10 minutes will be used to select the 12 drivers who will compete in the three A finals. The Semi A will be dominated by Tekno RC driver Alex Zanchettin. Alex will quickly have a comfortable gap that he will handle throughout the race. Behind him Kyosho’s Elliott Boots and Agama driver Darren Bloomfield will start a very close fight for second place. At the 4th minute a mistake from Boots momentarily give the advantage to Bloomfield who will then increase the pace and even reduce a little the gap with the leader. Unfortunately at 2 minutes from the end Blommfield made a mistake allowing Boots to pass him and a few seconds after another mistake from Bloomfield will spoil completely his chances to do better. Zanchettin take the win in front of Boots, Bloomfield, Burack Kilic, Tom Robin and Jonathan Skidmore.

The Semi B will be quite similar to the Semi A. Reno Savoya and his TLR started with the number one but he made a mistake in the first round. He will then leave the field open to Kyosho Riccardo’s Riccardo Berton who like Zanchettin will open a gap that he will then manage perfectly. Meanwhile Reno will quickly took the third position behind Marco Barrufolo. Both TLR drivers will then engage in a fierce battle for second place. Reno, two minutes from the end, will release the pressure to put it back in the last minute. In spite of all his efforts he will not succeed to overtake Barrufolo. Berton, Barrufolo, Savoya, Martin Wollanka, Jurgen Trieb and Berkan Kilic are qualified for the finals.