Italian drider Riccardo Berton took the win in the 45-minute nitro final at the World Indoor Buggy Cup 2k17, Italy. Berton will dominate the entire final and he will only be punctually worried by Tekno driver Alex Zanchettin at the start and then by TLR driver Reno Savoya at the end of the race. Zanchettin will make a mistake and end up in a group consisting of Savoya, Darren Bloomfield and Elliott Boots until he managed with Savoya to get ahead. British drivers will engage in a superb battle for the fourth position. Once Boots in front of Bloomfield, the positions will not move until the end of the final. But while we thought the race was frozen, the last minute woke us up a bit when Berton made a mistake. Savoya took the opportunity to catch him up but Berton will manage to stay ahead and win the final from Savoya in second and Zanchettin in third.