Hot Race tyres is pleased to officially announce the first edition of HotRace 2018 Buggy Cup, as to be one of the funniest and competitive 1/8 buggy race in 2018 in Europe. Our On road edition, famous in all the world, as the 2017 edt the biggest on road race ever made in Italy in this class, HotRace Summer cup race is one of the few annual RC events that attract a global interest, because of the combination entertainment / competition.

The Buggy edition will be held in Balocco track, from 1 to 3 of JUNE an ideal facility with perfect track, a lot of free space around the track, to have a weekend not only of RC, but also to be able to be together with friends, or if you prefer with your family.

The aim is to organize and run the most professional independent 1/8 buggy drivers event every year – to accomplish this year on year means improving each year.

In recent years (On road edition) we have worked hard on extending the reach of the event, especially online, and we are able to continually promote the event & the sponsors to huge worldwide audience.

During the race days we continually update the sites with news, videos and photos.

Three classes:

  1. Nitro Invitational Class
  2. Nitro Class
  3. Brushless Class

The race format, will be totally different from the standard, but i will add it in the future.

Time sheet

  • Friday

Free practice – 18:00PM Happy Hour offered by HotRace and Sponsors

  • Saturday

Control Practice-Qualify-“The HOT race”- 21:00 PM Dinner+Party , with after dinner offered by HotRace and Sponsors.

  • Sunday

Last qualify- Finals- Close Cerimony.

In all days of competition will be on track DJset, and appetizers offered by us, with time for have fun all together.