Even if in RC race you can never know what is going to happen until after the game is over, Tekno driver Alex Zanchettin still had a good chance of winning after great qualifying rounds who saw him take the TQ. But after a win without real position in A1 in front of the driver Kyosho Elliott Boots and his teammate Riccardo Berton with more than 6 seconds, Alex will mark the step in A2 where he will finish in fifth. A2 final saw the Kyosho duo finish at the first two places in the same order as in A1 while Reno Savoya finished in third. A3 final will be in the same line as A1 with Alex leading and Boots maybe a little less comfortable a little further in fourth. Berton who was second will put a constant pressure on Alex. Alex will falter in the last lap making a mistake but hewill come back on the track before Berton to grab the victory. Reno Savoya finished again in third.

Under the E-Hood: Alex Zanchettin