The third and penultimate round of qualifying in E-buggy at the WIBC 2k17 will be much cleaner than the Q2. Alex Zanchettin and his Tekno will once again able to bring out powder by performing a 8 laps in 5:12, a half second ahead Nemo Racing driver Darren Bloomfield faster and faster at each rounds. Alex’s biggest rival, Reno Savoya continues his excellent start in both classes by taking 3rd, not far from Alex. Nothing is yet played between Alex and Reno, the two contenders for the overall TQ in E-buggy. Reno will remain a little stuck behind another driver which will make him lose not far from 2sec. In 4th position driver Kyosho Elliott Boots is fast but not yet fast enough to hang the top 3. Trust Mike Cradock and Chris Boots to find the little thing that is missing.

Elliott uses a MP9 modified by Mike with a completely redesigned layout. The weight distribution is moved forward and the center of gravity lowered.

Riccardo Berton closes the Top 5 with a regular round with as consolation the fastest lap time of the round.