This past weekend was held the first round of the Israeli League E-Buggy series at Risphon Racing track near Herzliya. After four qualification rounds Yaniv Sivan took the TQ honor. In A1 Yaniv took advantage of his pole position to take the lead followed by Tal Siles and Ido Carmon. Ido then managed to took the lead but a small mistake promoted Yaniv Sivan to grab the lead. Meanwhile Tal and Ido battled for second place until Tal had technical issue and had to stop which promoted Aviv Maymon to third.

In A2 Yaniv opened a gap on the rest of the field. Guy Rinkevich coming from sixth position was in second thanks to a flawless driving but he made a small mistake in the last corner allowing Ido and Aviv to take the second and third places. In A3, after 5 minute Yaniv made two small mistakes and Tal take the lead and the win followed by Yaniv and Ido, all 3 with less then 2 secs gap.

Overall Results A final:

  1. Yaniv Sivan
  2. Ido Carmon
  3. Aviv Maymon

Thanks to Yaniv Sivan for the report.