Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced four new option parts, two for theTeam Associated B64 and two for the TLR 22 platform. First up are the products for B64 and B64D. The Schelle front top deck is CNC machined from 2.5mm carbon fiber. With the top deck the car turns, sets, and exits in a smooth arc. The new flex characteristics make the front end more predictable and consistent. In testing, drivers were able to do more fast laps and less crashes. Put short, it inspires confidence to push your car. It comes with four stainless steel mount screws.

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The Schelle Type 3 steering arms are a slight tweak on the geometry of the Type 1 blocks to gain more stability on tracks with larger sweeping turns. The Type 3 mimic the shorter leverage and quick reaction of Type 1, but with a more mellow Ackermann that is suited for flowing tracks when you need less steering and to stay smooth. The holes are a replica location of adapting the B6 steering arms onto a B64, while still keeping the kit steering stops.

Next up are the products for TLR owners, the Pro-built refresh and rebuild differential kits. The rebuild kit comes complete with the same parts and precision grade 3/32” tungsten carbide diff balls (14), ceramic caged thrust, rings, spring and t-nut Schelle use on their Pro-built MIP Bi-Metal TLR complete diffs. If you’re looking for just a refresh, the Pro-built refresh kit contains: tungsten carbide balls (14), rings, and new diff spring for that in-between maintenance.