See: Imbue Motorsports

Imbue Motorsports have introduced a completely new twist on the shock piston, their patent pending V4 baffled pistons for buggy and truggy. After several years of being nothing more than a concept, Imbue have spent the better part of 2017 refining and developing our new V4 baffled technology. Designed to offer more pack over standard pistons, the V4 utilize interchangeable baffles to allow racers to fine tune their shock package.

A unique patent pending concept, Imbue V4’s utilize turbulence to create extra pack when you need it most. As shock fluid travels over the baffle, it creates eddies, as well as high and low pressure areas in the fluid. As this turbulent fluid reaches the holes in the piston, the holes are unable to scavenge enough fluid and will stall, creating the ever-desirable “pack”, and allowing you to drive harder and soar higher. Unlike valved pistons, which are limited to simple “open and close” valving, the amount of turbulence in the shock fluid is dependent upon the compression speed of the shock, allowing for a very progressive feeling shock package. During slow compression, such as cornering and acceleration, turbulence off of the baffle will be minimal, offering normal dampening characteristics. However, as piston speeds increase, such as hitting jump faces or landing off a jump, the amount of turbulence and pack will increase proportionally, offering the support needed and preventing chassis-slap.

Offered with both Medium and High pack stainless baffles, Imbue V4’s also feature a high-durometer sealing band, which offers reduced friction, longer life and greater piston stability.