See: SOAR Racing USA

SOAR Racing USA have announced the signing of Will Smith to their team for the 2018 season. Will has many years of racing experience and is very skilled at finding good setups. He will work with the R&D and he will help to provide end users of the 998 TD1R kits with advices and setups. Will stated:

“Racing is more than a hobby to me, it’s a way of life (third generation racer within my family). I have enjoyed racing for more than 25 yrs. From full scale cars to 1/12th scale pan cars, my results show that I have become fairly successful with setups and can be quite competitive at a local and national level. As much as I love racing, I do love the aspect of chasing the perfect setup to make any car better for the racers. With this, I have accepted a role within the team at Soar Seiki to help further the brand into a name that any racer will become more competitive than the brand they had before.”