Last weekend was held the second round of the Israeli National Championship at Negev Speed track. After four qualification rounds it was Kyosho driver Yaniv Sivan who took the TQ by TQing all four rounds. Yaniv Sivan started from pole position followed by Mugen driver Tal Siles and Mugen’s Ofir Avitan. At the first minutes Yaniv ,Ofir and Ido Carmon have swap their positions. After small mistake of Yaniv, Ofir led the race until he had flame outs which promoted Yaniv at the first position. Ido had also flame outs allowing Yaniv to had 20 sec gap on the driver at the second position. Unfortunately at the 22 min mark Yaniv also has suffered from flame out before start finish line which promoted Tal Siles which had made a bad start. At the end of the final, Ofir manged to overtake Tal Siles to grab win. Yaniv rounded out the top 3.

Thanks to Yaniv Sivan for the report.