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Exotek Racing have introduced new puck bones for the MIP Bi-Metal bone puck sets and heavy duty 81T POM spur gear. First up are the puck bones. Made of polished and laser etched Ti 6-4 titanium, they are available in 67mm long for the TLR 22 4.0 and Team Associated B6 and 76mm long for the Team Associated B64. They weigh half the weight of the steel ones but they offer twice the strength of aluminum so that you achieve a lightweight drive line but increase the durability and reduce the wear and tear.

Next up is the extra heavy duty machined pom (delrin) spur gear. Designed with a thicker mounting base but same teeth width and size as the stock 81t spur, it eliminates the problem of the soft stock gears flexing and stripping out under high load race conditions. Only for the stock gear diff, not for the slipper set. It comes with hardware for the B64 center gear diff.