See: ProStar R/C

Prostar R/C have introduced Super Hybrid Kevlar shock towers for the SWORKz s353 and carbon nylon pills for the TLR 8ight 4.0. First up are the rear and front Super Hybrid Kevlar shock towers. They are made from 5mm material available in blue or black. The shock towers have been developed not only be awesome looking but be structurally stronger and more durable than any other shock tower material on the market.

Due to the nature of composite, pill mounting screws holes could not designed into the composite tower. For keeping the stock geometry Prostar moved a square pill to the inside…similar to the mbx7r or rc8b3 this allows the pill to be strong and even a few more adjustments if you wish.

Also new are the carbon nylon pills for the TLR 8ight 4.0. They have been designed to replace the stock pills which are the main issue why hinge pins are bending. The carbon nylon pills are made from a special carbon nylon for durability and strength. The set includes eight 0 degree, four 0.5 degree and four 1.0 degree inserts.