We received the following statement from Phoenix AZ racing community today announcing that Fear Farm RC is in trouble and ask for your help.

“A new disgruntled racer in the Phoenix AZ racing community has turned us in to the City of Phoenix for the drivers stands, and RD timing tower structure at fear farm. The facility failed to meet a few of the updated codes (last inspection was 2013) that meet ADA standards for the handicap accessible ramp, and a few other safety codes that have been updated within the last 4 years, and the facility is shut down until everything meets code and is approved for permits.

The issue with this, is that this has come at the worst time, summer is the slowest season, meaning that there isn’t a whole lot of money in the bank at this time, and we are quickly approaching the Arizona State Offroad Fuel Championships, and a few other races that racers out of states have made arrangements to participate in, including The Dirt Nitro Challenge. We need your help, as this is going to cost thousands of dollars, the board members of AZRCR are worried that this may be an impossible feat.”