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Raceform have added the new 1/10 Lazer Jig to their range of Lazer Jig tyre glueing station. Based on a proven design, Raceform have adapted their tire gluing jig to the 1/10 buggy class. Precisely Machined from Plexiglas to ensure a perfect and consistent gluing, the tyre gluing jig is compatible with 2wd front, 4wd front and rear thanks to stacker discs easily adjusts the deck height required for all type of wheels.

An anti see-saw effect fastener knob keeps the wheel flat to the disc during innerside gluing. Its smart design greatly reduces rotation, helped by a clincher roller designed to “peel” tire beads just like finger action. To maintain the 1/10 Lazer Jig, it features antislip foam underside. It comes with two angled metal nozzle applicator and a Team Raceform decal.