The fifth and last round of the Austrian 1/10 Nationals was held at the SMRC Racing track in Vienna. If the 4WD title has already been won by XRAY’s Hupo Hönigl, the 2WD title was not yet assigned between Hupo and Team Associated driver Peter Pinisch. Hupo was not able to attend at the race, but the task was not going to be easy for Peter which will be faced to some good and fast local guys. After some up and downs Peter was able to take the overall TQ and the win in both classes. In 2WD Martin Fischer finished in second and AE’s Lucas Grainer in third. In 4WD it was Rene Trauner and Roland Hauleitner who rounded out the top 3. Lucas with his third position in 2WD and his fourth position in 4WD is also the best youth driver at the race.

Thanks to Thomas Grainer for the report.