See: Picco Micromotori

Picco have introduced the new Picco V1 EC Batlle Limited Edition engine. Winning a European Championship means paying attention to every little detail. Picco shows its knowledge and ability by winning the 2017 EC after dominating qualifying. For this race, Picco made some small changes on the regular V1 Team engine to match with the track requirement. To celebrate this tittle, Picco is offering a replica of the Robert Battle winning engine set including updated pipe set.

This engine has most of the V1 Team features including:

  • 5 ports super long stroke
  • Bulletproof DLC Coated crankshaft
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Carburettor with adjustable spray bar.

This limited edition of 200 pieces has a different exhaust port and timing to offer more bottom to middle range power to match with the Eskiltunia track layout. It comes with a new 2099 pipe set. the pressure nipple has been moved to improve the high RPM carburation, offering better fuel mileage and nice acceleration.

This engines sports a special coloured RB36 head, which won’t be available on any other engine than this limited edition of 200 pieces.