The pre-entries for the 24th running for of the Reedy Race were unprecedented. With 304 racers wanting to compete in the event, demand continues to overwhelm availability. It is truly unfortunate that we are not able to accommodate everyone who wants to participate, but in order to provide a quality event with a reasonable timetable, entries must be limited. A link to the lottery entry list is listed below and includes pre-qualified drivers who made the A mains last year, minimal sponsor exceptions, and the randomly drawn entrants.

If you were one of the fortunate racers to have your name drawn to compete, payment is only accepted through RCSignup with PayPal. Once your entry is marked as eligible for payment, please log in to your account and follow the payment instructions. Payment is due by midnight, October 31, 2017. Remember, included with each confirmed and paid entry is a complete set of control tires and inserts for both 2WD and 4WD along with a personalized grab bag. As a courtesy to your fellow racers, please notify the organizers promptly if you are not able to attend so the next entrant on the waiting list can be contacted.

After the payment deadline passes, the Waiting List will be contacted in order to fill the unpaid positions in the event. Payment for Waiting List drivers will be due within 24 hours of email notification from the event organizer via your RCSignup email address. Invitational drivers that have registered may also confirm by paying via RCSignup. Invitational drivers that were unable to register before the deadline, but still wish to compete, please notify the event organizer via

Stay tuned to for more information and event updates. Inquiries regarding the event should be directed to