Last race off the year in 1/8 Nitro in Norway, and the final was put up at KMBK Raceway in Kristiansand. The weather was very nice and and the Astro track was tight, made with different types of astro, slippery in the morning and some parts almost never dried up. The track that have all the things to make racing challenging and you really get to pay if you do a mistake. The race would determine who would be the Norwegian Champion in 2017. Two guys that could take the overall title:

Kyosho’s Bjorn Ivar Haug that had one victory, one third and a fourth place before the final. XRAY driver Daniel Kobbevik had only raced two races, since the second race was on same date as 1/10 electro EC warm up. Daniel had raced two races and was standing with 2 wins. So if Bjorn would take the win this weekend, Daniel needed to be at least second to take overall win. Bjorn has the latest years been the most stable and fastest driver in Norway in Nitro buggy.

Friday started with free practice, and making car ready for qualification on Saturday. The system in Norway is a little different than in other races, there is no reseeding, so you need to work your way up in ranking systems, that means like since this is first season for Daniel, he has to run qualies in lower Groups, and that can sometimes be challenging, most of all sometimes it is difficult to find right pace for being up with fastest guys.

Saturday started up with nice sunny weather, and time for qualification. As expected Bjorn TQ’ed the first round, but then Daniel picked up the pace and TQ’ed both second and third round. In the fourth round Daniel was on a really fast run, but was a little unlucky in traffic and was taken out few laps before finish, and came second in round, same happened in the fifth qualification round. Bjorn took the overall TQ from Daniel in second and XRAY’s Gisle Brovig in third.

Sunday came and all drivers had prepared for finals. After semifinals was done the list had changed, and it was Daniel that was going to start from the pole position in final, followed by Bjorn and then Gisle. Gisle was one of the local guys that goes really fast on this track, together with Egil Amtedal that also is super stable driver, and also home track guy, it’s no time for joking around with those drivers on this track.

Final starting off, and Daniel had decided to try to pull off from the field from the start, and it looked like strategy was working very good. Bjorn made some small mistakes on the first laps, and that put him right into the fight with Gisle and Egil. Mugen’s Hans Magne Berg was also in the fight for a time, but had a flame out after a while and lost a lot on that one, so was not able to fight back for the podium. Daniel just continued to go like a machine and did no mistakes, so the lead was just bigger and bigger, and none of the drivers could keep up that speed without doing mistakes. So after 25 minutes he had over 2 laps in lead on the second and third place fight, but then after pit stop, car stopped in middle off track, so he needed to get to pit and start up again. Lost over 1 lap on that one, but just continued with same speed as he had before the flameout, and managed to increase the lead up to 3 laps when the final wizzes blew. It was a crazy fight for second and third place, it was Gisle, Egil and Bjorn that fought to the end for podium. And in the end it was Egil that took second place in front of Gisle.

This result meant that Daniel was not only the winner of the final round, but he also the 2017 Norwegian National Champion.

Final results:

  1. Daniel Kobbevik XRAY XB8 FX
  2. Egil Amtedal Serpent O.S
  3. Gisle Brovig XRAY XB8 WERKS
  4. Bjorn Ivar Haug Kyosho FX
  5. Danny Kwiatkkowski Kyosho Picco
  6. Hans Magne Berg Mugen MBX7r Reds
  7. Knut Jorgen Myhre Serpent O.S
  8. Hans Olaf Moland Serpent O.S
  9. Morten Olaussen Kyosho O.S
  10. Dan Terje Bjornflaten JQ Reds