Source: Lucas Grainer RC (Facebook)

Round fourth of the Austrian 1/10 Nationals was held at the ERT-Steyregg astro-turf track over the weekend. The ERT-Steyregg track was fast with technical areas. In 2WD it was XRAY’s Hupo Hönigl who took the win in front of Team Associated Philipp Märzinger in second and PR Racing Lucas Grainer in third. Also in 4WD Hupo managed to took the win from Team Associated’s Peter Pinish and Yokomo’s Rene Trauner, in second and third respectively.


  1. Hupo Hönigl               XRAY
  2. Philipp Märzinger        AE
  3. Lucas Grainer              AE
  4. Stefan Pfeifhofer        AE
  5. Peter Pinisch               AE
  6. Christian Wukonig      AE
  7. Martin Kreil                AE
  8. Thomas Pumpler         Yokomo
  9. Rene Trauner               Yokomo
  10. Martin Lindner            Yokomo


  1. Hupo Hönigl                           XRAY
  2. Peter Pinisch                           AE
  3. Rene Trauner                           XRAY
  4. Stefan Pfeifhofer                    AE
  5. Philip Märzinger                      AE
  6. Martin Kreil                            TeamC
  7. Thomas Diesslbacher           XRAY
  8. Christian Wukonig                  AE
  9. Roland Hauleitner                   AE
  10. Lucas Grainer                          PR