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This past weekend was held the fourth round of the Norwegian national at the Hof mbk racing track. This track, the biggest in Norway is mostly built in dirt with some astro and wood corners and also a paving stones section. 48 drivers attended the race which started under heavy rain friday night but thanks to the crew who made a great job, drivers were able to do one practice round. Unfortunately the rain returned disturb the race. The first two qualifying rounds will be on dry condition but the third was muddy. XRAY’s Daniel Kobbevik took the TQ in Q1, Kyosho’s Rune Karlsen took the TQ en Q2 and Daniel would TQ the Q3 after Rune decided to not run this round because of the rain.

For the Q4 the crew prepared the track after the rain stopped. Rune managed to take the win in this round with a good margin and grabbed the overall TQ. Sunday the track began to dry and got more grip. In the 45 minute final, Rune started on pole position in front of of Daniel and Yngve Brække Ulfset. After a clean start, Rune lead the field with Daniel and Yngve very close behind him. After 9 laps Yngve did a mistake and let Rune and Daniel alone in front before Rune started to push a little harder. Daniel will try to stay with Rune but he made a mistake which will allow to Rune to get a bigger gap. At the 40 minute mark Rune had one lap in front of all racers. Daniel was in second at this time, but Bjørn Ivar was faster and managed to overtake Daniel. In the lastest minutes, Daniel made a big mistake allowing Yngve to took the third position. Rune Karlsen won the final in front of Kyosho’s Bjørn Ivar in second and Mugen’s Yngve Brække Ulfset in third.