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Qualifying at the 2017 Euros got off to a dramatic start as practice pacesetter David Ronnefalk was given an official warning from the race referee, an incident on the penultimate lap where he came up behind British driver Neil Cragg through the notorious ‘nightmare’ jump section and tagged his car sending both tumbling. One of the trickiest sections of the track to get the narrow racing line perfectly right, the referee immediately made himself heard, much to the disagreement from other officials on the stand. Ronnefalk would also finish in spectacular fashion as a parked car right infront of the loop would see him cross the finishing line in the air, luckily the slave timing computer captured the lap.

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With the staggered EFRA heat seeding system the top drivers are spread into the first few heats, and thus 2nd placed seed Elliott Boots was up as Car 1 in heat 2, Boots would come flying out of the blocks opening up with a sub 40 second laptime, already bettering rival Ronnefalk’s best lap, however a couple of ‘moments’ saw the Brit lose just over 3 seconds, however a strong final lap would Elliott across the line to demote Ronnefalk to 2nd place.

Re watch Elliott’s TQ run in Q1 here

Davide Ongaro was the star of quali as the Italian struggled in practice but would set a time good for 3rd overall some 6/10ths behind Ronnefalk whilst Canas took 4th infront of Bloomfield. Outside of the top 10, a sterling performance from young Hampus Berg placing 13th, not so however for Portugal’s Joao Figuieredo who suffered in Q1.