Over the weekend the best 1/8 off road racers in Japan gathered at the RC Land 23 track in Matsusaka for the 4th Annual Nitro Shock race by  Rickside Design. It’s the one of biggest track in Japan and Japanese nationals will be held there in October. In qualifying Rd1, Yusuke Sugiura (Kyosho, O.S. Speed) took the TQ. In Rd2, Wataru Takashiro (Kyosho, REDS) was 3 seconds faster than the rest of the field, taking the TQ round and overall TQ as well.

Little rain before the Main Final made things a little bit tricky for the racers as every one had to switched for softer compound tires. In this damp condition, Wataru Takashiro fought hard for 30min with his REDS Racing powered Kyosho MP9 TKI4 to clinch the win in front of Yusuke Sugiura 2nd, Kazuya Tanaka (Kyosho, REDS) 3rd.