With summer in full flow, it must be that time of year where we turn our attention Euro-wards for the most prestigious event on the European calendar – the Euros! After last year’s successful event in Redovan, Spain we travel northwards to Eskilstuna, Sweden. The recently constructed purpose-built ‘Grondal Ring’ facility bound to impress racers sits on the outskirts of Eskilstuna, boasting a back-to-back offroad and onroad track with shared drivers stand surrounded by iconic Swedish pine forest.

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‘A facility built for occasions like these’ conveys the size of Grondal; with previous experience of onroad Euros, on arriving the organising team of MK Eskil appearing at ease and in control. The major talking point is how the track will hold up, with the natural gravel/earth prone to digging out as was witnessed at the warm up.

For the main event however no less than 9 cubic metres of ‘Dustex’ has been applied (a natural binding product based on lignin, a binding polymer, found in wood fibres in spruce pines) which the team hope will keep the track together. A lack of rain over the last months has however made it difficult with cracking occurring already, heavy application of water has taken place however to mitigate this and a huge amount of track work has gone in since the warm up event to improve & adjust. 

See more photos of the track

Tyrone Norrman is the main man behind the event, with 40-years of experience running events leading a very capable and dedicated team, with three European Championships already held since Grondal was completed in 2014 including countless national events it looks set to be a great Euros. For those racers travelling in expecting the stereotype blonde girls everywhere, elk, IKEAs on every corner will have to settle for one iconic stereotype – Swedish Meatballs! (Served on Friday according to the preprepared menu! Never before have we seen such attention to detail!).

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