See: HMX

Team Orion have released new HMX firmwares 1.04 and 2.04 for modified and blinky. The PC app and Android app have been updated to make them compatible with these changes. Theses firmwares feature changes to the power curve internal settings to improve overall performance and feeling. The main changes are:

  • Low end power response improved
  • Possibility to have stronger brakes by lowering brake frequency
  • Timing increase now has more effect on performance (need less timing than previous firmware)
  • Punch setting range extended
  • Max torque setting function improved
  • Added a brake frequency setting to change brake feeling/power (lower = stronger)
  • Modified firmware now has default working timing settings (RPM/Turbo) with 10deg timing (you don’t need to start from scratch anymore)
  • Blinky firmware 2.04 is EFRA approved

You can get the new files by clicking here.