The Panik Raceway hosted the first race of the XRAY Racing Series Offroad in Troisdorf, Germany. Almost 40 drivers will fighting for the victory in 2WD and 4WD buggy as well as in Truck and a fun class on a 250 meter long track made in artificial grass. After a rainy’s Saturday, the sun came out on Sunday. In Buggy 2WD, Luxembourger Tom Maquel started off the pole and won the first two finals. Marcel Schneider, who won the third finals, finished second and Jens Becker in third.

2WD A-main results:

  1. Tom Maquel – Team C
  2. Marc Schneider
  3. Jens Becker – XRAY XB2
  4. Paul Siebers
  5. Lukas Ritz

XRAY’s Jens Becker sweeps the 4WD class by wining all three finals from the pole. Tom Maquel, coming from the 4 spot on the grid, finished in second and Lukas Ritz rounded out the podium in third.

4WD A-main results:

  1. Jens Becker – XRAY XB4
  2. Tom Maquel – Team C
  3. Lukas Ritz
  4. Marcel Schneider
  5. Vanessa Wende

The Truck class was the domain of the local squad and boss of the team Panic, Guido Kraft. Three victories in the predecessors followed two victories in the finals. His club colleagues, Ralf Weyl and Paul Siebers, accompanied Guido Kraft on the podium.

Truck A-main results:

  1. Guido Kraft
  2. Ralf Weyl
  3. Paul Siebers
  4. Walter Hornung
  5. Tomas Schwarz

The fun class saw a battle beetwen two teenagers and two seniors (40 plus) from the Panic team Troisdorf. Nathanael Zarth, one of the youths one took the win from two seniors, Marcus Steinbüchel and Michael Sumann while Max Ehrenstein came in fourth.

Fun A-main results:

  1. Nathanel Zarth
  2. Marcus Steinbuchel
  3. Michael Sumann
  4. Max Ehrenstein