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Rody Roem’s World Champion Products have introduced the new VS Racing B01-DLC Limited Edition .21 engine. The power plant is limited to 50Pcs world wide and based on the very powerful VSB01. DLC technology is applied on the crankshaft to lower internal friction and increase life of the crankshaft pin, together with some addional ‘Rody’ touch and development, equipped with a VS Spec combustion chamber. The VS Racing B01-DLC Limited Edition is also available in combo including VS EFRA 2135 pipe.

“This engine is developed to find the best balance between performances, relaiability and costs.” – Rody Roem


  • Long Stroke 16.8mm
  • Specific 3 Ports design
  • CNC machined flat piston
  • 14mm Bi-Turbo crankshaft, balanced, lightened and silicone paste,’Rody’ + DLC treament
  • Competition Conrod
  • Turbo combustion chamber VS Spec.
  • 14mm high-speed main bearing
  • 7mm high-speed front bearing with rubber protection
  • VS Spec. lightweight cooling head
  • VS Spec. crankcase
  • VS Spec. aluminum lightweight slide carburettor with double adjustment
  • 6.5mm aluminum restrictor
  • This engine is developed to find the best balance between performances/relaiability and costs.