This past weekend was held the first Bubo Race at the ARCF 42 track in Boisset-Saint-Priest, France. HB Racing’s David Ronnefalk made the trip to find his friend and mentor Adrien Bertin for a last training before the Euro in Sweden. In nitro buggy David was able to TQ all five qualifying rounds while in E-buggy it was his teammate, Thomas Anger who took the TQ by winning four of five rounds. In the 45-minute final, despite one flame out, the World champion took the win two laps in front of Adrien Bertin which has managed to overtake another HB driver, Célian Rousset in the penultimate lap! In E-buggy Thomas will continue his momentum and win all the finals. Vincent Guigli in second and Rémi Pernollet rounded out the top 3.