The third round of the Jakarta regional championship was held at the Graha Raya track in Serpong, west Java. Mugen’s Adrian Wicaksono took the overall TQ from XRAY driver Jason Nugroho. In the 45-minute final Nugroho had a bad start but step by step he managed to grabbed the first position around last 10 min of race. Wicaksono finished in second and TLR’s Chopin Yusuf in third.

Final results:

  1. Jason Nugroho XRAY / Novarossi
  2. Adrian Wicaksono Mugen / Reds
  3. Chopin Yusuf TLR / Kabuto
  4. Indra Liono XRAY / SPower
  5. John Agus Kyosho / OS
  6. Rama Tribudiman AE / OS
  7. Adrian Sutanto Kyosho / OS
  8. Dimaz Arianto Mugen / OS
  9. Edianto Ong Kyosho / Reds
  10. Faisal Ali Kyosho / Reds
  11. M. Feby Kyosho / OS
  12. Rizky P XRAY / OS
  13. Yan Yusuf Mugen / Picco
  14. Falla AE/OS
  15. Yudha Sanjaya Serpent / Picco