The ninth and final round of the Israeli 1/8 nitro buggy championship and the fifth round of the Israeli 1/8 E-buggy championship were held at the Negev Speed racing track. The weather was super hot with 36 degree Celsius. After 3 qualification rounds Kyosho’s Yaniv Sivan took the overall TQ in both classes. The nitro buggy final started while Yaniv Sivan from pole position took early the lead but after two flame outs it was Ofir Avitan who grabbed the lead until the end of the race. Ofir won the race in front og Tal Siles in second and Yaniv Sivan in third.

The top 10 of the Israeli Championship 2016-2017 after 9 races ( 7 out of 9 counts ):

Driver Name Points Car

  1. Yaniv Sivan 696 Kyosho
  2. Ofir Avitan 693 Mugen
  3. Ido Carmon 676 Kyosho
  4. Or Balulu 669 Agama
  5. Gil Harush 665 Kyosho
  6. Tal Siles 659 Mugen
  7. Aviv Maymon 658 Kyosho
  8. Eyal Kaldor 614 Mugen
  9. Asi Bitton 614 Xray
  10. Ronen Alkalay 604 Kyosho

In the first two E-buggy finals Yaniv Sivan took the lead and never look back. Ofir Avitan in second and Tal Siles in third rounded out the top 3.

Thanks (and congrats!) to Yaniv Sivan for the report.