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Following the last new from Modelix Racing, the spanish brand have added new products to their range of Ultimate Racing electric wires and connectors. Some bullet connectors, silicone wires and heat shrink tubbing are now available and listed below:

  • UR46105 3.5mm Bullet connector female (2pcs)
  • UR46106 3.5mm Bullet connector male (2pcs)
  • UR46107 4.0mm Bullet connector female (2pcs)
  • UR46108 4.0mm Bullet connector male  (2pcs)
  • UR46109 5.0mm Bullet connector female (2pcs)
  • UR46110 5.0mm Bullet connector male  (2pcs)
  • UR46111 Bullet 4.0mm male to 5mm female adapter (2pcs)
  • UR46116 14awg red silicone wire (50cm)
  • UR46117 14awg black silicone wire (50cm)
  • UR46118 16awg red silicone wire (50cm)
  • UR46119 16awg black silicone wire (50cm)
  • UR46120 2mm. heat shrink tubing (50cm)
  • UR46121 3mm. heat shrink tubing (50cm)
  • UR46122 4mm. heat shrink tubing (50cm)
  • UR46123 5mm. heat shrink tubing (50cm)
  • UR46124 6mm. heat shrink tubing (50cm)
  • UR46209 12awg red silicone wire (50cm)
  • UR46210 12awg black silicone wire (50cm)