Source: Way to win

The 49 best drivers in Norway attended the third round of the Norwegian National who was hosted by the KodalRC Club at the Kodal Rc Raceway. Weather was superheat and super dry so the track was hard and dusty. The track layout was pretty easy and because of it, this round was maybe the tightest round off the year. After practice rounds was finished it was XRAY Factory driver Daniel Kobbevik that made the fastest run.

In the qualifying rounds Mugen’s Morten Thorkildsen took the TQ in 3 of 5 rounds. Kyosho driver Rune Karlsen had also found speed and he TQed two rounds. Bjorn Ivar Haug is normally one off the fastest drivers, but struggled with engine problems, like Daniel who had also a lot off issues, and struggled with setup and some other small problems that is becoming pretty big on a track like this. Top three after the qualification was Morten Thorkildsen followed by Rune Karlsen and SWORKz’s Bjorn Ivar Haug.

The Semi A was won by Mugen’s Yngve Brekke Ulfseth and the Semi B was won by Daniel pretty easily despite one flame out. Just 5 minutes before final’s start, Daniels mechanics noticed that carburator was leaking with fuel, and that was probably the cause of flame out in the Semi aswell. Called for time out, they had to change carburator and try to get it tuned in 10 minutes meaning that Daniel had to start from last position on the grid.

The 45 minute final started with Yngve in the lead, but after 4 minutes he got a flame out after a hard landing of a jump, and he did not come back. Bjorn Ivar Haug was then in the lead and he had half a lap on the rest of the field. Daniel had then with steady driving managed to get up to second position and started the hunt on Bjorn Ivar, and slowly lap by lap he got closer, and the gap on 16,5 sec was after first pit stop turned around and Daniel was 1,4 sec in front. Daniel did no mistakes and Bjorn Ivar had to push to try to get closer, but Daniel managed to just make the gap bigger and bigger. Now Daniel had almost 1 lap to Bjorn but he got an flame out but with an extreme mechanic running and starting, the team managed to keep Daniel in the lead. After 44 minutes Daniel got his second flame out and again a strong work from the team has allowed to Daniel to won by 2 laps in front of Morten Thorkildsen in second and Danny Kwiatkowski in third.

Top 10:

  1. Daniel Kobbevik Xray FX
  2. Morten Thorkildsen Mugen Reds
  3. Danny Kwiatkowski Kyosho Reds
  4. Bjorn Ivar Haug Sworkz OS
  5. Gisle Myrvold Mugen Reds
  6. Anders Mehren Kyosho Novarossi
  7. Gisle Brøvig Xray Werks
  8. Ståle Ramberg Mugen Reds
  9. Hans M. Berg Mugen Reds
  10. Yngve Ulfseth Mugen Reds