This past weekend the RC-Bil Klubb hosted the third round of the 2017 Norwegian 1/10th Off-Road Buggy Nationals at the beautiful IHRC Raceway astroturf track in Levanger, Norway. In 2WD, after 3 rounds of qualifying it was Team Schumacher driver Roy Gjemble who took the overall TQ from three Team Associated drivers with Øystein Døler, Thorbjørn Døler and the young and talented 11 year old Alexander Gjemble.

During the first of three A-final legs, Roy pulled a 6 second gap from the field and took an unchallenged tone to tone win. Starting from 6th position however the up and coming Serpent driver Marius Kristensen drove a good final claiming 2nd position. Third in the first A main was Øystein Døler and his Associated B6.

2nd A main leg started the same way as the first but 5 laps into the final, disaster struck for the race leader Roy as he overjumped a tricky double leading into one of the tracks distinct features, the 4 meter high Wall of Death. A technical issue meant Roy had to pull out of the race and the rest of the field of course knew this was an important win for a chance at the overall win. 2nd on the grid Øystein Døler drove a good race to finish first, but barely managed to stay a couple of tenths in front of the quick youngster Alexander Gjemble charging from 4th to claim a strong second place finish.

For the last of the three A final legs it was now very open between the Schumacher of Roy Gjemble and the Associated of Øystein Døler. The final started as the two first, with Roy pulling a gap on the rest of the field. And this time it was the 2nd placed Øystein Døler that suffered an early mistake and fell down the ranks. His older brother Thorbjørn was quickly there to pick up the pieces and held on to drive a strong leg to finish in second place some 10 seconds behind the Schumacher driver. Again it was the hard charging Serpent driver Marius Kristensen climbing from his 6th starting position up to finish 3rd. The overall win in 2wd went to Roy Gjemble in front of Øystein Døler in second and Thorbjørn Døler in third.

2wd results:

  1. Roy Gjemble – Team Schumacher/Hobbywing
  2. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Tekin
  3. Thorbjørn Døler – Team Associated/Team Orion
  4. Marius Kristensen – Serpent/Team Orion
  5. Alexander Gjemble – Team Associated/Team Orion
  6. Sindre Reitan – Schumacher/Hobbywing
  7. Stein Ove Nordahl – Xray/Hobbywing
  8. Kenneth Neverdal – Schumacher/Orion

Thanks to Roy Gjemble for the report.