Weather, Tires and track conditions are pretty much staple conversation topics for RC racers the world over and it proved no different today during official practice at the ROAR Offroad Nats.

The day started off very overcast and even with a little drizzle in the morning.  1st run on the track today was official practice so all cars had to make it though ROAR’s inspection before hitting the track. Overall inspections seemed to be going pretty smooth, a couple of manufactures were having to trim down the size of the wing plates as they were oversized according to ROAR rules.

After all 27 heats were done with the 1st round on the track it was time for a full drivers meeting followed by the 1st round of seeding.  Seeding would be comprised of the best 3 consecutive laps during a 5 min run and the best of 2 rounds to make up the qualifying heats.  During buggy Ty Tessmann set the time to beat by nearly 2 seconds as he was in one of the earlier heats under the clouds.  As the sun dipped in and out and the clouds started to burn off many of the latter runs would slow down by up to 2 seconds per lap compared to the cloudy and moist track found earlier.  Other factors were the inconsistency of the water being put down between heats.  Several times whole sections or lanes were either skipped or over watered making the track very different from 1 heat to the next.

In Truggy, Tessmann would once again set the TQ but only by 2/100 of a second over Spencer Rivkin, in fact the top 4 all posted similar lap times.

During the 2nd round of seeding Mother Nature would come into play stopping all racing.  The rain came down hard and fast during the 11th heat out of 15 in buggy giving ROAR the tough decision as to what to do.  After about an hour an announcement was made that they would continue to try to run all heats to give the racers equal track time but seeding would be based only on the 1st round..  Many racers packed it up for the day, while others prepped to run.  The weather would once again attack and shut things down for the night.

Weather outlook for Fridays qualifying doesn’t look good as a storm appears to be heading our way at about 3am and with rain forecasted though the early afternoon ROAR and Track will have some tough decisions to make in order to get through this weeks program.