The 2017 ROAR Offroad Fuel ‘Nats’ take place this weekend at ‘Stateline’ in Fremont, Indiana – located midway between Chicago & ‘Motor City’ of Detroit on the northern border to Michigan. Day 1 at the nats consisted of controlled practice.

Over 300 entries at this year’s event many of which are locals to the area. Weather looks like it might be a factor later in the week with 80% chance of showers coming on Friday. So far the track is still being broken in and many racers are trying to figure out what to run tire wise. The track itself got pretty dusty during the day with the sun beating down. Many racers saying it was sometimes hard to see over the amount of dust in the air. This should all be taken care of as the water schedule tightens up for seeding practice.

However the track looks like its breaking up in some area’s and the faces of some jumps, it was also loose in some area’s with some small rocks and an unnamed Pro saying he pulled one out lodged between his pipe and fuel tank. It was rumoured that the Stateline Crew was going to do some repairs overnight as this would be the last chance before seeding starts in the AM. Lap times seem to be in the low 30-second range with many of the fast guys posting 31-second lap times, average during the day seemed to be around 32-33 second laps. Because this was just a controlled practice no times were sadly recorded for the day.

Defending Champion Spencer Rivkin laps

Stateline also boasts an interesting pit lane entry as they had a very tight and twisty entrance to the ramp. With the black pipe for boarders it gave no room for error especially for Truggy, the black pipe turned many cars and truggy’s sideways or even off the ramp. Overall the track was well received by the racers although many said it seemed a little on the tight side lane wise. Seeding starts in the morning and the weather looks favorable with only a 20% chance of rain and High’s in the upper 80’s it should make for a good day of racing.