Schelle Racing Innovations have introduced new optional parts for the Team Associated B6 and B64 in the form of a Extreme 5mm front tower, a carbon servo plate and hub HD ballstud with washer bag. First up is the B6 Extreme front tower intended to be the most durable carbon fiber front tower on the market. Machined from premium 5mm carbon fiber made in the USA, Schelle removed the outer hole and shortened the ears to reduce leverage so this tower will be the choice of racers looking to add toughness to their B6 buggies.

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Next up is the carbon servo plate for B64 and B64D. With most racers opting for internal antenna-less recievers, Schelle have introduced a 2.5 mm carbon fiber antenna-less servo plate ready to clean up the look on your buggy. In addition to removing the antenna and shaving some weight, the outer servo mount position slot is removed. In their testing, the kit design with a slotted screw hole was more prone to loosen up from the vibrations and loads in off-road racing.

Finally Schelle have introduced 6mm length HD ballstud and black 1mm aluminum washer. These are a great compliment to the purchase of any Schelle B6 or B64 hub, they include the correct length ballstud and 1mm washers needed per the instructions to get the standard “upper” row ballstud height.