This weekend was held the second round of the Swedish National Cup at the Örebro race track, which is a special track because it is one of the few remaining 90’s style gravel/clay tracks still in operation. The weekend provided a lot of mixed weather, with a lot of rain and fairly muddy conditions during saturday and the 2WD portion of the race. However, the club hade made some big efforts on working on the track during the spring so the track managed to hold up really well in the end.

In 4WD the conditions were changing slightly all the time, it was slightly different due to the drying up, or light rain. XRAY’s Alexander Landen took the TQ and the starting order for the triple A-mains was Alexander, Elias Johansson, Niclas Månsson and Wilhelm Skjöldebrand. This was pretty much the four cars that were in the mix of it all day and they all were quite evenly matched on pace.  The first final was very tight between the top four cars for some time, but both Elias and Wilhelm dropped off slightly due to small mistakes, so in the end it was Alexander and Niclas that were battling for top honors and in this run they both produced the only two 11-lap runs of the day. It all came down to a last lap show-down where Niclas tried to make a move coming off the back straight but got caught on the track marker and went onto the grass and lost some time, so Alexander could keep the distance and roll over the finish line as winner.

The second round also followed a similar pattern where the top cars broke off, again Wilhelm and Elias fell off after a few laps and the showdown was again between Niclas and Alexander with Alexander leading the way for the first seven laps before going slightly wide after a jump giving Niclas the opportunity to push his way through to take the lead. Now it was Alexander’s turn to become the hunter and he followed Niclas around for almost three laps before Niclas left a small opening coming off a jump so Alexander could take the opportunity to push his way through. Niclas tried to re-pass on the following straight, but hit the rear wheels of Alexander’s car and flipped, luckily Alexander didn’t lose his first position during the incident, so he could maintain his place during the last lap and take overall honors by winning the first two rounds. Alexander opted out the third round and it came down to a battle between Niclas and Elias where Elias in the end took the win and by that secured overall second with Niclas completing the podium.

Overall 4WD

  1. Alexander Landén XRAY XB4 ’17
  2. Elias Johansson Team Associated B64D
  3. Niclas Månsson Team Associated B64D
  4. Calle Svensson Team Associated B64D
  5. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand Team Associated B64D
  6. Jesper Uvehall Team Associated B64D
  7. Rasmus Karlsson TLR 22-4 2.0
  8. Marcus Lind Yokomo YZ-4
  9. Filippa Plyhm Team Associated B64D
  10. Johnny Sageborn Team Associated B64D

In 2WD the weather was acting up quite a lot, and it was periodically really wet and muddy so it was very much a game of survival all day, and very little time was possible to spend on changing setups since most of the time had to be spent on cleaning. Alexander was able to gradually improve and qualified 5th for the finals, a tough place to start but he managed to stay out of trouble and take advantage of a lot of early mistakes to finish third in the first leg and second in the second leg. This secured him third place overall. Up front Wilhelm Skjöldebrand had found really good pace and secured the first two legs quite comfortably to take the overall win, and Niclas Månsson took the runner up spot.

Overall 2WD

  1. Wilhelm Skjöldebrand Team Associated RC10 B6D
  2. Niclas Månsson Team Associated RC10 B6D
  3. Alexander Landén Xray XB2D ’17
  4. Elias Johansson Team Associated RC10 B6D
  5. Calle Svensson Team Associated RC10 B6D
  6. Rasmus Karlsson Schumacher Cougar KF2
  7. Jesper Uvehall Team Associated
  8. Mikael Hedin Yokomo YZ-2 DT
  9. Lars Hägerman TeamC TC02C
  10. Klas Bredberg Xray XB2D ’17