XRAY proudly presents the all-new XT8. With the extensive knowledge and experience of the R&D and racing team, the XT8 was completely redesigned to incorporate the latest technology and racing designs to allow the XT8 to win races at the highest-competition races.

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Main features:

  • Chassis has a considerably longer design with weight moved to the front
  • Improved weight balance with the weight moved frontward increases rotation of the car as well as cornering speed, better jumping, and offering more forgiving handling
  • All new large capacity 150cc fuel tank with super short design to allow placements towards the front
  • Side guards incorporate a larger bottom radius to make the car more stable on rough tracks, while also increasing the longitudinal flex
  • Improved suspension holders
  • Front and rear lower suspension arms feature a new reinforced design, making them more resilient in jump and crashes
  • Rear lower outer pivot pins feature self-locking for increased reliability

  • Including steel eccentric bushing and ball mounts for increased reliability
  • Steering system with mounlded graphite servo saver for more efficiency in dusty conditions
  • Alu steering plate gives more linear, more precise and more aggressive steering due to narrower Ackermann design
  • Composite front upper top desk for added flex and increased steering
  • Steering pivot balls with backstops for increased reliability
  • Composite front chassis brace gives added front flex; Rear double composite braces with a graphite extension for flex adjustment
  • Reinforced, Strengthened bulkheads
  • Large volume front, central, and rear differentials for improved long-run performance et reduced internal heat build-up
  •  All new diff parts: Stronger 2,5mm diff pins, longer cross diff pins, improved internal diff gears with re-profiled teeth for reduction friction and smooth operation, improved gaskets
  • Lightweight machined diff outdrives
  • 50T center diff gear for improved acceleration
  • Graphite center diff mounting plate, redesigned to fit the new 50T spur gear
  • Aluminium rear and front shock towers offer increased lifespan, and all-new shock and roll-center positions
  • Longer, larger-volume shock absorbers with increased downtravel, new shock bodies, shock shafts, shocks springs, and pistons
  • All-new center, front and rear CVD driver shafts
  • All-new front and rear universal driver shafts
  • +5mm offset wheel axles
  • Flat-spotted wheel hex hub connecting pins for increased reliability
  • Radio box made from softer, more flexible composite material
  • Alu engine mounts carried over from XB8 plateform
  • Anti-roll carried over from XB8 plateform
  • Redesigned, newly-sized turnbuckles


The XT8 chassis was completely redesigned to allow for updated and completely all-new weight distribution to improve chassis balance and stability. The chassis is CNC-machined from high-quality Swiss 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum, which is strategically machined in low-stress areas and then anodized to make it as light as possible without affecting strength or rigidity. Non-essential material below the engine, fuel tank, and diffs was removed to allow for the lowest possible center of gravity and appropriate chassis flex.

Weight Balance.

The major performance & handling improvement of the XT8 is the all-new weight balance that relocates weight to the front. This improves rotation of the truggy, increases cornering speed, improves handling in jumps, and offers more forgiving handling. The new weight balance was achieved by completely redesigning the chassis with more weight in the front, and using an all-new, super-short fuel tank. With the new weight distribution, attention was also focused on side-to-side balance to achieve the desired handling both on the track and in the air.

Fuel Tank.

An all-new fuel tank was designed and produced to make it super short, allowing placement (and weight) towards the front of the truggy. Despite its short length, the fuel tank has an extra-large 150cc fuel capacity. The tank is molded from a special composite mixture which ensures very high reliability and rigidity. The molded-in splashguard protects the brakes from fuel spillage. An integrated floating stone filter ensures that the fuel pickup will always be in the correct orientation, even if your truggy isn’t. This fuel pickup system will allow fuel to continue to flow to your engine, even if the truggy is inverted and waiting to be righted. Rubber mounting grommets absorb vibration, and composite holders secure thick 5.5mm silicone fuel tubing.

Side Guards.

The all-new design of the side guards incorporates a larger bottom radius to make the truggy more stable on rough tracks, while increasing longitudinal flex. The side guards are moulded from all-new composite mixture for increased flex which helps to generate more traction. The tough composite side guards protect the truggy, muffler, and fuel tank from side impacts. The side guards perfectly fit the chassis and seal against dirt.

I.S.S.™ Suspension Holders.

The all-new redesigned and improved aluminum suspension holders feature Integrated Suspension Settings (I.S.S.™) which allows for super-fast & easy suspension geometry adjustment. Using eccentric suspension bushings inserted into aluminum suspension blocks – as well as suspension shims – the XT8 suspension geometry can be completely adjusted:

  • Caster
  • Camber
  • Front & rear toe
  • Front & rear roll center
  • Front kick-up
  • Rear anti-squat
  • Wheelbase
  • Track-width

A complete set of various eccentric bushings is included for complete suspension geometry adjustment. The bushings are inserted into aluminum holders which are machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6.

Suspension Concept.

Proper suspension geometry is one of the most important features of any RC model car, while at the same time is also one of the most difficult & challenging features for a designer. Suspension is always a mixture of:

  • design & shape of individual suspension parts
  • flexibility & hardness
  • materials used
  • mounting system
  • geometry & position of mounting points of connecting parts

From suspension arms, through suspension blocks, to the lightweight yet robust steering blocks… every suspension part has been specially designed for 1/8 truggy racing to provide responsive racing characteristics in all racing conditions. Over many years, XRAY has successfully gained and utilized extensive knowledge of suspension geometry and stiffness, which has been applied while designing the suspension parts. The ultra-lightweight suspension parts are molded from a special composite material which makes the parts very light yet very durable to withstand the rigors of high-performance racing.

Suspension Arms.

All-new front & rear lower suspension arms have a reinforced design which makes them more resilient in jumps and crashes. All-new outer pivot pins feature self-locking nuts for increased reliability. All suspension parts on the XT8 were purposefully designed & developed for truggy racing. The super-long arms provide maximum stability while the optimum stiffness of all suspension parts ensures maximum traction under all different racing conditions.

The super-long suspension arms ensure the best handling over rough terrain and excellent landings from big jumps. The exclusive composite mixture used for suspension arms is a perfect balance between reliability and performance. The suspension arm itself is rigid enough to provide a responsive feel, yet soft enough to survive extra-long main events.

Caster Blocks.

 The unique C-hub suspension on the XT8 features Integrated Adjustable Caster™ which enables adjustment of the single C-block through the entire caster angle range; no optional caster blocks needed! The C-block features an inclined kingpin design for increased steering and stability. The C-hub suspension includes now steel caster bushings and ball mounts instead of composite versions, giving increased strength & reliability.

Steering System.

The dual-arm steering system was redesigned to increase the reliability and improve the steering characteristics. An all-new molded graphite servo saver makes the steering more resilient & efficient in dusty conditions. The all-new alu steering plate gives more aggressive steering characteristics, the all-new composite upper top deck adds flex to help steering, and the all-new steering pivot balls feature backstops for increased reliability.

Ackermann can be adjusted quickly & easily by changing steering link mounting positions on the steering plate. Bump steer is easily adjusted by inserting shims between the graphite steering plate and steering linkage.

Chassis Braces.

All-new front & rear chassis braces have a significant influence on chassis stiffness and flex, and as such have great impact on handling under different grip conditions. The new front chassis brace adds more front flex for improved steering characteristics.

The all-new rear double composite braces have a direct mounting to the rear bulkhead instead to the rear shock tower. This bulkhead mounting eliminates transfer of vibrations and energy from the suspension via shock towers, helping to improve landings and generating more off-power traction.

The rear medium brace is mounted with a graphite chassis extension for flex adjustment in 3 different settings. The rear brace is moulded from a medium-stiff composite mixture for better flex & rigidity, and allows the mounting of optional graphite inserts to reinforce the chassis brace to make it even stiffer (suitable for high-traction conditions).

Diff Bulkheads.

The all-new diff bulkheads are reinforced and strengthened for increased reliability. The bulkheads are an important chassis component, housing both the front & rear differentials and providing mounting points for the suspension mounts and shock towers. The super-strong front & rear bulkheads can withstand rigorous impacts and other abuse during racing conditions. The bulkheads have minimized ball-bearing play, resulting in increased gear teeth lifespan and minimized gear stripping.


The XT8 is a conventional shaft-driven 4WD truggy featuring:

  • Front & rear gear differential with adjustable oil viscosity, and each featuring 43T crown gear and 10T pinion gear
  • Central differential with adjustable oil viscosity, featuring a 50T spur gear with standard 13T clutchbell on the engine.
  • Front, central, and rear universal drive shafts

Diff Gears & Drivetrain Ratio.

Differential main gears are manufactured from HUDY Gear Steel on a precision manual gear machine. This material was specially formulated and developed for use in gears. All gears are hardened to provide the longest possible lifespan. A wide range of different gears — spur gear, clutchbell, and crown gear — are available for perfect set-up and adjustment for particular racing conditions.

Gear Differential.

The all-new, high-volume gear differentials were redesigned for increased reliability & performance. Differentials feature higher-volume cases, and all-new larger internal gears with more teeth for improved differential movement. The larger volume of the differential and the shape of the gear teeth reduce oil overheating. To increase reliability, diff pins have a new, stronger design. The new differentials give increased traction and reliability, especially in long runs.

Internal Diff Gears.

All-new internal diff gears increase differential reliability and reduce diff oil overheating. The new 20T and 10T gears have a larger size and a greater number of teeth to ensure more precise fitment and engagement. Pressed-steel differential bevel and satellite gears are heat-treated and machined for superior precision and smooth operation.

Diff Outdrives.

Updated diff outdrives accommodate the new stronger diff pins. The front longer diff outdrive adapters ensure that the drive shafts will not fall out, even in extreme crashes at full steering lock.

To reduce rotating weight, the super-lightweight diff outdrives are machined from HUDY Spring Steel™ which allows unnecessary material to be removed to further reduce weight without affecting durability. The inner portions of the outdrives are additionally hand-ground for maximum precision and fitment into the diff case. All outdrives are hardened using HUDY’s own special hardening process for extended lifespan and reliability.

Center Diff Access.

The center upper deck was redesigned and updated to accommodate the new larger 50T spur gear. Access to the center differential is super easy by releasing the upper deck with only four screws. The lower center diff housing is sized to accommodate optional spur gears and the stands are lowered to keep the weight as low as possible and to allow smaller central diff gears to be used. The center diff housing stands hold the effective, race-proven brake system.

Shock Towers.

Aluminum shock towers are CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and then additionally coated. The stiffer alu shock towers, along with improved shock positions, give better performance at high-traction tracks. The new shock-tower design features new shock positions and two new rows of roll center positions.

Shock Absorbers.

The all-new XT8 big-bore, long-stroke shocks are all of special construction, offering increased downtravel, reliability & performance, featuring all-new shock bodies, shock shafts, pistons, and springs. Oversized big-bore shocks feature 16.2mm I.D. shock bodies which are externally threaded for use with an adjustable collar for quick & easy spring preload adjustment. The shock bodies are hardcoated in a titanium color, and feature a 1-piece alu shock cap.

The specially-formulated rubber material of the shock membrane ensures equal damping characteristics from the beginning of the race to the end, even after extreme use.

The lower shock assembly ensures very free movement of the shock rod inside the shock body, while at the same time minimizing oil leakage and keeping dirt out. Two shock O-rings – manufactured from a superior silicone compound to allow ultra-free movement of the shock rod while still maintaining a tight seal – are installed in the lower part of the shock body and are secured with composite shims. The entire lower shock assembly is secured with the lower aluminum shock cap which makes assembly/disassembly very quick & easy.

Thick, robust shock shafts will handle all abusive racing conditions and big jumps. The 3.5mm thick shock shafts are precisely machined from special high-tensile steel, and afterwards are ground to a super-smooth finish to ensure smooth movement.

Shock Springs.

XT8 shock springs offer a mix of progressive & linear characteristics. XT8 springs are slightly progressive, but under more compression change characteristics to become more linear. This gives excellent feeling and feedback in all different track conditions. These XRAY shock springs, like all other XRAY springs, are manually measured, selected and matched into pairs to guarantee precisely equal length and damping characteristics.

Two types of springs are optionally offered:

  • Linear: Spring rate is constant during the entire spring compression. Springs with different spring rates are available as optional tuning parts.
  • Progressive: Spring rate is not linear, but rather the spring rate get progressively heavier the more the spring is compressed. As the truggy initially enters the corner, the spring works like a softer spring to provide maximum traction. As the chassis begins to roll in the middle of the corner, the spring rate progressively increases until it works like a stiffer spring which allows the truggy to maintain maximum cornering speed.

Shock Pistons.

Ultra-precise shock pistons with 6-, 8- and 10-hole options. The big-bore pistons are molded from tough, race-proven Delrin® material to provide smooth action and durability. The precision molding production process ensures perfect piston roundness, ensuring that the pistons move super-smoothly inside the shock bodies for identical, perfect action in all four shocks.

Drive Shafts.

The universal drive shafts used in the XT8 generate more traction and have less resistance in the front when maximum steering angle is applied. All drive shafts are manufactured from world-renowned HUDY Spring Steel™, resulting in some of the world‘s thinnest yet most durable drive shafts used in off-road cars. All drive shafts and outdrives are hardened with a proprietary hardening process to provide unsurpassed lifespan & reliability. The central larger & stronger outdrives feature protective rubber boots, thick 3mm pins, and protective locking rings.

Wheel Hubs.

Ultra-lightweight 17mm wheel hex drive hubs with +5mm offset are CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum. The alu hex hubs are specially machined to reduce rotating weight while guaranteeing wobble-free wheel mounting.

Radio Box.

To improve chassis flex & handling characteristics – especially in low- to medium-traction conditions – the radio box is moulded from a softer composite mixture which makes it more flexible. The 1-piece electronics assembly is very compact and can be quickly & easily removed for servicing and cleaning. You need only remove a few screws from the bottom of the chassis to remove the entire electronics assembly from the truggy.

The large, molded radio box features a very clean design and layout that places the weight in key areas for proper balance. The batteries are placed along the front centerline of the chassis, and the lightweight receiver is placed on its side at the rear. The easy-access radio box is mounted on the side of the truggy and is secured by the fewest possible screws.

Engine Mounts.

The mounting positions on the engine mounts were redesigned to improve chassis flex. The engine mounts extend up to the front engine bearing to provide higher reinforcement of the chassis in the longitudinal direction, and in jumps will minimize the bending of the chassis between the clutchbell and spur gear. The CNC-machined aluminum engine mounts are made from superior-grade, lightweight alloy and help dissipate engine heat. The engine mounts are easily adjustable to obtain proper gear mesh.

Anti-Roll Bars.

All-new spring steel anti-roll bars – carried over from the XB8 platform – are used to stabilize the truggy. The front & rear anti-roll bars are easily mounted to the diff cases, and can be adjusted using adjustable linkages. Anti-roll bar wires of different thickness are optionally available for fine-tuning your set-up.


To guarantee maximum reliability, all turnbuckles are manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ material for turnbuckles with a tougher core. These turnbuckles are used for front & rear upright linkages, steering system, and servo saver.

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