The first round of the WA Challenge Cup was held in Kalgoorlie, Australia. The track was very loose and extremely challenging. No big air time included, but small precise jumps that you had to time perfectly or you would stuff up the rest of the rhythm section. In Nitro Buggy XRAY’s Aaron Dexter took the overall TQ by TQing all rounds of qualifying and set fastest time from another XRAY driver, Tyson Walsh.

Starting pole in the semi, Aaron made a silly crash on the first lap put him almost dead last, but within 2 laps he was back into the lead and pulling out to a huge lead. Aaron managed to win the semi by a lap, giving him the pole position in the A Main.

Starting pole in the final, Aaron didn’t make any mistake on the first lap and had stretched out to a 5sec gap within the first lap. he continued stretching out the lead and ended up winning by 3 laps in the 40 minute final, leading every lap from tone to tone and setting the only 28 second lap of the weekend. Brady Piggot in second and Ruben Martins in third rounded out the podium.

Nitro Buggy Final Results

  1. Aaron Dexter – XRAY XB8
  2. Brady Piggot
  3. Ruben Martins
  4. Fabio Silvi
  5. Tyson Walsh – XRAY XB8
  6. Kerren Nottle – XRAY XB8
  7. Gavin Suckling
  8. Tom Dexter – XRAY XB8
  9. Ben Dexter – XRAY XB8
  10. Joe Capone
  11. Stephen Roberts
  12. Joel Richardson