After a lengthy closure and subsequent re-birth courtesy of two enterprising Scandinavians, qualifying at the 2017 International Buggy Challenge in Pattaya saw a natural surface track greet drivers rather than heavily oil/diesel or molasses-prepared tracks of past years. Through practice and qualifying ending with Q5 on Sunday morning drivers have battled their way around the notorious PRC track, with the natural surface breaking up and testing drivers’ skills both on track and mechanically.

Serpent’s Jorn Neumann TQ’d two of the five rounds suffering problems in another two, the German ace the only driver to manage 15 laps in round 3, taking 2nd is Thailand’s Meen V followed by Napatrapee K whilst former Buggy party champ Zac Ryan would round out qualifying in style by TQ’ing Q5 as others fell by the wayside and the Kyosho privateer kept it on the deck and everything running.

  1. Jorn Neumann, 2. Meen V, 3. Napatrapee K, 4. Zac Ryan, 5. Paphon C, 6. Witsarut R, 7. Mongolphan G, 8. Jason Nugruho, Wichpoom R, 10. Robert Gustafsson

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