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VRC Pro have unveiled a brand new full size off-road track that we know well at neobuggy, the BarcoOff track, home of the annual Bittydesign Euro Contest. This edition of the track features the 2014 lay-out with a length of 310m! The track is ideal for 1:8 nitro and electric buggies, as well as for the 1/10 Short Course trucks. As with most VRC tracks, the track has been optimized to be raced in both directions, so 2 tracks in one! With this latest addition the number of full-size off-road tracks has now reached 18.

The Barco track will be released on June 1st and will be available to all VRC members with an All-inclusive membership. Free2Play members can obtain the track in-game with vEuros which can be purchased in the eshop.