Schelle have introduced new 67mm conversion axles for Team Associated B6 racers that want to run latest “long bone” setups. The 67mm conversion axles work with aluminum rear hub units by Schelle (B5M and B6) and Team Associated (B5M). The Schelle axles replace the kit units and keep the same overall track width. An extra set of 65mm bone cross pin holes (2mm closer to car centerline) allow for tuning back and forth between the 2 lengths of CVA.

See: Schelle Racing Innovations

The long 67mm bones can move through the range of suspension travel with less angle mis-alignment. This translates to less bind on power and more rear grip as the suspension works under load instead of locking out due to the drivetrain.

67mm conversion axle features:

  • CNC Machined Alloy Steel HD Axles and 10x15mm bearing inserts.
  • Axle design shifts CVA pivot point outward to use 67mm bones (by Schelle or Associated).
  • Option CVA pin holes for 65mm bones.
  • Does not change overall track width, keep the same hex adapters.
  • Fits all Associated HD hex adapters.
  • Fits B6 or B6D with aluminum hubs by Schelle (B5M , B6) and Associated (B5M). Not compatible with kit plastic hubs.
  • Axles works for 17.5 or Modified motors on all surfaces.
  • Includes 2 x HD Axles, 2 x 10mm Bearing Inserts, 4 Axle Shims, Instructions.